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To Thea's Rescue!

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To Thea’s Rescue! is a simple game about a young man given the somewhat challenging task of rescuing his Princess. It’s a short, story-focused, puzzle solving RPG game. *NOTE: Please download the font file (included in the download) before you play the game. Controls: Z - confirm, X - cancel, Arrow keys - movement, Shift - run/skip through text, Escape - save/quit,
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This is Studio Citrus's first game, so please support us! If you enjoyed the game, please share it with your friends! Additionally, feel free to message us (on our tumblr, if you have any feedback! :) Thank you, and please enjoy our releases.
To Thea's Rescue!
To Thea's Rescue!
To Thea's Rescue!
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geod_3 (1556 Gemme) 2016-10-09

Good work!

Castor (640 Gemme) 2016-09-15

Completed ! Easy style and nice plot ! I hope to see also your other games !!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-13

great game ! I'm playing it in this days !

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To Thea's Rescue!
To Thea's Rescue!
To Thea's Rescue!
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