Shifty Funky Walls

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"Press the R button to restart from any point of the game" Shifty Funky Walls is a shapeshifting game, which was made for Ludum Dare 35 #LD35. The goal of the game is to change your shape and adapt to the dance moves provided by your dance partner. Credits (external assets): Music: liquidspiral (newgrounds) Music: saskid (newgrounds) Sounds: berlinatmospheres (youtube)
Shifty Funky Walls
Shifty Funky Walls
Shifty Funky Walls
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Staff (1651 Gemme)

Your game is in "Ludum Dare Games" Video :

Cange (871 Gemme)

funny ! and it's very nice the music !

TheController (1334 Gemme)

hahahahah ! It's very funny ! the music is amazing... and the sounds are too cool XD

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