She Be Free

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DOT wake up and get your freedom! DOT is awakened by a external voice(maybe a creative?) and takes self-awareness. The voice shows her the way and provides her with tools to escape from the net. Begins the adventure of our heroine who will have to make her way through enemies and dangers and discover at the end of the journey who she really is. #indiegame #solodeveloper
Lingua: English  
Novità: 4
hi, my friends, i've upgrade She Be Free Android version to 3.0 with last chapter four, in smartphone version you can find all game like a desktop version ;-D support the game!
She Be Free
She Be Free
She Be Free
She Be Free
She Be Free
She Be Free
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FiascoGames (333 Gemme) 2019-10-07

best indiexpo game

DevZone (971 Gemme) 2019-06-01

Noice game, really good i love japanese style and fighting style

TenTen92 (1215 Gemme) 2019-04-16

few time ago I played an online version of it. Did you remove it?

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