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Outrun 3D Javascript

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An Outrun-style pseudo-3d #racing game in #HTML5 and #Javascript. Run and send your score online. Show to be the best driver of this old style arcade game! For the #retrogaming lovers and very competitive gamers! It support the #scoresystem, so play it logged. Thanks to @Ranine for the help with the js edits!
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Outrun 3D Javascript
Outrun 3D Javascript
Outrun 3D Javascript
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Luis (8226 Gemme) 2018-06-11

Why did you add the indiepad controller? To close the popup I can't start immediately!

Zion (3093 Gemme) 2018-06-08

yeeees! FIRST!

Fellowplayer Profile (19842 Gemme) 2018-06-08

Looks like the old style arcade racing games.

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