Mr. Skulla

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Strong? Heroic? Athletic? Nothing like that, this is Mr.Skulla! Enter into his mansion and help our skeletal friend to pass through 20 levels of puzzles using different gimmicks and avoiding dangerous traps! Be careful, however: Mr. Skulla cannot jump! You'll have to rely on your brain to get out!
Mr. Skulla
Mr. Skulla
Mr. Skulla
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Fellowplayer Profile (15540 Gemme) 2018-01-05

This looks well detailed for a 2D game.

Amir (3179 Gemme) 2017-04-18

It's very cute!! Like a nes game!!

the ugly truth (2083 Gemme) 2017-03-14

It's the first time that I see a platform style for a puzzle game. It's very cool. A perfect work. Is all original?

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