Mondrian - Shareware Demo

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This is a shareware demo for Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty, available on #Steam, IndieGameStand, and This is a full-circle block breaking game that takes an abstract look at art history. This demo is a limited version of what's available in the full game. Please consider picking up the full version and sharing this demo with friends and family!
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Mondrian - Shareware Demo
Mondrian - Shareware Demo
Mondrian - Shareware Demo
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lantanadan Profile (80 Gemme) 2016-08-14

@Jonathan Fish: Thank you! It was a lot of fun to make. :)

@BigHero: Yes, that is our newsletter!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-14

Funny video XD home-made

Staff (3418 Gemme) 2016-06-06

fixed video

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