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Flappy Nyan Cat

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Pubblicato il: 17/02/2017


Game Maker

Flappy Bird + Nyan Cat. You can play online and with the #indiepad. It's made with Game Maker. You can also download the #Source to edit or improve it!
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Flappy Nyan Cat
Flappy Nyan Cat
Flappy Nyan Cat
Commenti (3)
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Fellowplayer Profile (21462 Gemme) 2018-01-04

Dam cat is everywhere :P

Ofihombre Profile (1880 Gemme) 2017-02-18

Another clone of Flappy Bird, but with Nyan cat. I played first on the Ipad, but there wasn't sound, and I thought I would have it on the computer. Then I spent on the computer, and it didn't even sound the typical Nyan cat song, it's very bland.

Karma (4118 Gemme) 2017-02-17

I can't see the scores ...

Flappy Nyan Cat
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