EternaL: Episode I

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The episodic role-playing rendition of Eternal One continues with Episode II.
One man fights for himself. One man fights for all.
Experience the second episode of the new role-playing rendition of the Eternal saga, the groundbreaking masterwork of literature penned by visionary genius Sage.
The beginning is now.
Lingua: English  
EternaL: Episode I
EternaL: Episode I
EternaL: Episode I
EternaL: Episode I
EternaL: Episode I
EternaL: Episode I
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LesGrossman (Livello 12) 2019-10-12
Where is the episode 2?
EternaL (Livello 3) 2016-08-15
Thanks! You can play it in a better form here:
Jonathan Fish (Livello 16) 2016-08-14
Nice game !
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