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De Spelunca Ex Elementis

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Game available in english and italian language.
A young mage has been corrupted by the power of the elementis. You, as his previous master, are the only hope to save him.
De Spelunca Ex Elementis is a little #metroidvania, develop in Game Maker Studio but with some limitation of the Pico-8 (same palette, font and room dimension). It also has an online #highscore.
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[UPDATE!] - I convert the game using GMS 2.3 to improve performance in the latest Windows version. And, also, I migrate to GMIScores for the online leaderboard (Thanks to Xeryan from GMItalia community).
De Spelunca Ex Elementis
De Spelunca Ex Elementis
De Spelunca Ex Elementis
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Han (Livello 8) 2019-07-18
Online version?
Fellowplayer (Livello 22) 2019-05-03
I don't know why but this looks cute to me :P Must be the colour theme.
TyrionL (Livello 14) 2019-05-01
game maker? it looks made using pico-8, do you know it?
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