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Astonia3 Return of Yendor

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A classic 3D-iso perspective MMORPG based on Astonia 3. Create a character and explore a vast fantasy world filled with various creatures and quests. Game is designed for oldschool CRPG players. Be warned, game features retro graphics. If you try the game, do not forget to run the game in 16 bit color mode (right click executable -> properties -> compatibility -> 16 bit color).
Lingua: Nederlands  
Astonia3 Return of Yendor
Astonia3 Return of Yendor
Astonia3 Return of Yendor
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nezir (Livello 6) 2018-10-08
the game looks great!
Fellowplayer (Livello 23) 2018-01-25
Its been a while since I game like this, very well detailed.
Luis (Livello 17) 2018-01-24
no screenshots no party
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