Arsh's dream

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Halfway between life simulation and RPG , Arsh's dream gives you the ability to manage many characters, immersed in an active city open world.
Get a job, conduct combat, making political actions, ect...The possibilities and its multiple very freedom of action miscellaneous.
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Arsh's dream
Arsh's dream
Arsh's dream
Arsh's dream
Arsh's dream
Arsh's dream
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Eugor (Livello 14) 2021-12-12
Oh, I remember this game. It is like GTA but made using rpgmaker! I played it a lot of time ago
Step (Livello 9) 2016-09-24
try to download Street of rogue on indiexpo. it's like yours... but... with several interesting features ! It can help you with new ideas ;)
cema12 (Livello 8) 2016-09-22
It lags :/
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