Space Junk Rage Alpha

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You are Klats, a cool adventure seeking space pirate. Hq has sent you some urgent intel about a profitable task. So now Klats is on the move on this new adventure. Please read the readme file for game instruction. #indiegame #avoidandcollect
言語: English   Українська  
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Android version is now available for play. #spacejunkrage #mobile
Space Junk Rage Alpha
Space Junk Rage Alpha
Space Junk Rage Alpha
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Boruto (605 宝石) 2019-02-09

nice hud but i don't like the design

Fellowplayer Profile (22872 宝石) 2018-06-04

This looks good.

Parzival (670 宝石) 2018-06-02

waiting the online version too

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