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Into The Wild

トッププレーヤー: TwoDev-Sensei Chart
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"I love her but... Does she love me?!". In to the wild to save (?) the girl in pink! A fast and nice platform made with RPG Maker Mv in #exclusive on indiexpo! Login on indiexpo to send your score in the Chart!
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Added new Levels!
Into The Wild
Into The Wild
Into The Wild
コメント数 (8)
TwoDev-Sensei Profile (850 宝石) 2018-02-14

Nice and pretty platformer game dude!

BBads (1187 宝石) 2018-01-05

warning about the collisions

Fellowplayer Profile (17375 宝石) 2018-01-03

A simple game and it works well.

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