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Slime and Jumping

화살방향키는 이동입니다. 윗쪽화살키는 점프 와 벽점프 입니다. The arrow keys are moves. The upper arrow keys are jump and wall jump. #stencyl #MadeInStencyl
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@GreenGolia ver1.05 bug fixed: player`s character(actor) animations changed. Add animations.
Slime and Jumping
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Agent44 (3798 宝石) 2019-07-17


TheBeast (1387 宝石) 2019-07-10

can you add more screenshots?

GreenGolia (1036 宝石) 2019-07-02

add more sprites animations

Slime and Jumping
Slime and Jumping
Slime and Jumping
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