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Monster Hunter Pocket

Pc white ダウンロード (10.2MB)
Linux white ダウンロード (21MB)
A mini-game inspired by the Monster Hunter game for One Button Jam.
Fight against Rathalos playing as Felyne.
Using spacebar:
One tap - Block
Double tap - Run
Hold button - Attack
Program: William Tumeo
Art and music: Ana Yomiell
Monster Hunter is a trademark of Capcom CO.
This is a non-profit project but you can support us :)
言語: English  
Monster Hunter Pocket
Monster Hunter Pocket
Monster Hunter Pocket
コメント数 5
フォーマットに関してのヘルプ フォーマットに関してのヘルプ 380
Stre93 (レベル 14) 2016-11-03
Good #retro style !
Eugor (レベル 15) 2016-11-02
Great graphics. Something about this just draws you in. I want to play this bigtime.
Mente77 (レベル 8) 2016-10-31
oh, nice ! I'm downloading it ! is there also a gameplay on youtube ?
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