Play ChronoWatch TTS {ENGLISH}

ChronoWatch TTS {ENGLISH}

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に公開: 2018/12/02


Rpg Maker VX ACE

"ChronoWatch - The Time's Story" is an RPG Maker game that got inspired by popular fantasy/magic animes. Lily Mikuru is a 16 years old girl, during a school trip in the musem of the city, a watch ticking take her to Clok, a magic pixie, finding out that she always had a magic Key, capable to break a spell. Will Lily be able To run across the road of her destiny?
言語: English  
ニュース: 1
New Update: Updated the EXE file for minor collisions bug fixed.
ChronoWatch TTS {ENGLISH}
ChronoWatch TTS {ENGLISH}
ChronoWatch TTS {ENGLISH}
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TyrionL (3786 宝石) 2018-12-04

I loved your horror game. this looks totally different.

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