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Way of the Sinner is an #exclusive fast-paced 2D combat game with tons of action and violence. Test your skills in a multitude of challenging duels! Please read the README file included in the downloadable package. The current version does support only Xbox 360 and Xbox One Gamepad. For any problem -> https://goo.gl/forms/ta3iW37WDGdieL8Y2
Lingua: English  
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VERSION added: - new local multiplayer gamemode! bugs fixed: - after killing an enemy with the stab fatality, sometimes it happened that he was still alive after the animation - dodging backwards two times in a row now works correctly instead of changing direction in-between
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Way of the Sinner DEMO
Way of the Sinner DEMO
Way of the Sinner DEMO
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wearevenom (466 Gemme) 2018-10-09

finally news!

GialluGamer97 (67 Gemme) 2018-09-20

Un ottimo gioco, mi ha preso molto per quello che sono riuscito a giocare, non vedo l'ora che esca la modalità storia. Nel mentre ci ho fatto anche un video, spero vi piaccia ^^ https://youtu.be/jp2kRLfuLKY

Mario Franklin (40 Gemme) 2018-08-22

http://socialnerdology.altervista.org/way-of-the-sinner/ qui le nostre considerazioni sul titolo.

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