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Tower Fighter v0.1(Alpha)

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Pubblicato il: 10/05/2019

Shoot em up

Construct 2

Lingua: Italiano  
Novità: 1
#Alpha #shooter
Tower Fighter v0.1(Alpha)
Tower Fighter v0.1(Alpha)
Tower Fighter v0.1(Alpha)
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Popsan Angel (3527 Gemme) 2019-05-23

remember that it's very importat to describe a game. you just added the hashtag #shooter , but what's this game? why to play it?

D4v1dMoDz (117 Gemme) 2019-05-20

Sto gioco mettendolo anche per android e miglioranfo la grafica sarebbe pazzesco!

zMine (71 Gemme) 2019-05-10

Hey Guys this is just a PRE ALPHA, i hope u enjoy the style of the game.

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