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The Jumper

151 Giocatori - 8 Iscritti
Osx white Scarica
Pubblicato il: 28/06/2019



Jump across platforms to collect all disc necessary for the party!
Lingua: Italiano   English  
The Jumper
The Jumper
The Jumper
The Jumper
The Jumper
The Jumper
Commenti (3)
Aiuto con la formattazione 380
GreenGolia (Livello 8) 2019-07-02
why did you passed from mobile to pc/web?
Gatsu87 (Livello 14) 2019-06-29
Improve the design. The game is good
KingJhon (Livello 13) 2019-06-28
The map is great. Did you make it? But the "plot/goal" of the game is a little bit too simple
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