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RPG Maker MV Platformer

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RPG maker MV platformer #plugin. It's a plugin for Rpg Maker MV. It turns Rpg Maker MV in a tool to make platform games, using the same assets/rtp. It's in Japanese.
Lingua: 日本語  
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RPG Maker MV Platformer
RPG Maker MV Platformer
RPG Maker MV Platformer
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AngelStarStudio Profile (613 Gemme) 2020-02-06

Nice. Theres an engine called Pixel Game Maker MV made by the same people, and it's a lot easier for platformers.

Soulrender Profile (3072 Gemme) 2020-01-04

Idea is fantastic, but I don't speak japanese so I give 4/5

DarkStorm2035 (199 Gemme) 2019-07-17

Please translate this into English! I love your plugin!

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