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Pubblicato il: 14/03/2020



Robostar is a twinstick shooter with a focus on exploration, discovery, and storytelling. Save Lemnos Station from killer robots while uncovering your employers' dark secrets. Robostar contains roughly two hours of gameplay and multiple endings which are affected by player actions.
Lingua: English  
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After two years of work I've finished creating my first game, Robostar. This is a solo project, created entirely by one designer. I'm really pleased with it and I hope you'll enjoy it too! Robostar is a twinstick shooter with a focus on exploration, discovery, and storytelling: while the game is action-heavy, there's a lot of plot to be discovered by finding other...
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NukeThemAll (Livello 4) 2023-12-15
Mouse not working for me
Myrkvidr (Livello 14) 2020-06-16
this game is AWESOME. best game i have found on here in a while
Deneris (Livello 17) 2020-03-30
This can be a very good start. Perfect design 4/5
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