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Pc white Scarica
Pc white Scarica

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Yahoo (Livello 7) 2021-04-21
why so few downloads? it looks very nice
Rooncave (Livello 5) 2021-04-20
I like it :)
lucyinthespace (Livello 15) 2021-04-18
Very easy to play! A funny design! GG
Sekayo (Livello 12) 2021-04-16
Eugor (Livello 13) 2021-04-15
funny system and nice design! The pixel art is very clear and the sprites are good! Nice work! Just played!
Marco Sacchetti (Livello 12) 2021-04-15
Inspired by Among Us?
JelliStudios (Livello 4) 2021-04-13
Turrets are activated in the present but deactivated in the past. Unless you turn them on in the past ;)
While in the past, your ships hull isn't breached, which means you don't lose oxygen while you're in the past. This is key to managing your oxygen.
Hull Breaches decrease your oxygen loss rate substantially. DON'T GO NEAR THEM in the (present state).
JelliStudios (Livello 4) 2021-04-13
A lot of things in the game are interactable, which includes the following:
Buttons | Switches | Turret Switches | Cubes | Symbols | Oxygen & Health Packs
When you use your rewind ability, after moving in the past you teleport back to your original position in the present. This is key to solving some levels.
JelliStudios (Livello 4) 2021-04-13
WASD - Movement
E - Interactables
Q - Rewind
Gioca 616.EXE
Scarica 616.EXE
Gioca Tampo-need
Scarica Tampo-need
Gioca Bench
Scarica Bench
Gioca Time90
Scarica Time90
Gioca InsideDBook
Scarica InsideDBook
Gioca Mahjong
Scarica Mahjong