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Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games. A strange kind of virtual environment with the inspiration of Wreck-It Ralph in a later post-apocalyptic era to Ready Player One.

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The last campaign on Kickstarter, didn't succeed, due to all the problems that involved him. But Randy & Manilla they don't give up easily, this time he returns to another campaign in #Indiegogo: here >https://igg.me/at/randymanilla/x/22731077#/ with a much smaller objective and with the advantage of "flexible goal", it will be able to obtain what is necessary to improve the...
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Randy & Manilla
Randy & Manilla
Randy & Manilla
Randy & Manilla
Randy & Manilla
Randy & Manilla
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Ofihombre Profile (Livello 11) 2019-11-03

Please don't value the game without first playing & before they vote negatively, I inform you that this is just the Pre-Alpha version of the game (with his crashes), or instead, give me a constructive comment that will serve to improve the game. I don't say the game is perfect (because it isn't), I just want constructive support.

LesGrossman (Livello 11) 2019-11-03

I see it also on Kickstarter. Why the goal is so huge?

wearevenom (Livello 9) 2019-10-23

will it be an online multiplayer game?

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