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Potion Master

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Assume the role of the Potion Master in this Match 3 quest. Master the five Elements; harness the power of the Philosopher’s stone. Play over 75 levels with increasing difficulty and variety. Discover the secrets and the dangers of Alchemy. Collect powerful spells to shatter potions at will!
Lingua: English  
Potion Master
Potion Master
Potion Master
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-17

it's no so bad... i like it !

Arctic_Games (95 Gemme) 2013-01-12

What the hell is this? Are you f*n\' kidding me? <br />The graphic is GameMaker\'s, the game is orrible... and do you want to be paid for it? <br />I won\'t download your games anymore... <br />Rank: Kissmy

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