Last Soul: The Prologue

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Last Soul is an action-platformer with a compelling story about a future where mankind has lost all its souls. Except one, the last remaining soul of BOP. Explore and fight your way through a variety of levels, and take on awesome boss enemies. Use shields, jetpack, and bullet-time. Find a variety of weapons and restore the will to live to mankind once again!
Lingua: English  
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Last Soul: The Prologue
Last Soul: The Prologue
Last Soul: The Prologue
Last Soul: The Prologue
Last Soul: The Prologue
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Best IndieGames (Livello 16) 2021-11-07
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Marco Sacchetti (Livello 12) 2021-09-18
Sembra un classico platform in pixel art, la grafica non è male ma non ha nulla di speciale. Buoni gli artwork
lucyinthespace (Livello 15) 2021-09-17
I think that I already saw the sprite of the main character. Is it inspired by another game?
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