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Koala recently got knocked up, but she's not at all enthused about giving birth and raising a kid. It's up to her and her neighbors to find the herbs necessary to end pregnancy.
Action! Diplomacy! Adventure! Elemento! This multi-genre game has it all! Or maybe just those four things.
#ASCII, #Retro, #Text, #Minimal, #Action, #Adventure, #Maze
Lingua: English  
Koala Quest
Koala Quest
Koala Quest
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Juan (Livello 4) 2018-02-07
Wow, the plot is so surprising! Jaja.. I have to play it.
ForeverGamer (Livello 5) 2016-06-04
it's a nice idea for a game XD
Marius (Livello 14) 2016-04-08
What's the tool ?
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