Just Take Your Left

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Mehrdad Rezaei

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Pubblicato il: 30/11/2020

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An adventurous point-and-click game with a funny plot. This thrilling game features over 3,000 hand-illustrated animation frames with cartoon cinematics.
#adventure #point&click
Lingua: English  
Just Take Your Left
Just Take Your Left
Just Take Your Left
Just Take Your Left
Just Take Your Left
Just Take Your Left
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Marco Sacchetti (Livello 14) 2021-09-25
Why did you select as Mobile optimized? It is for pc, not for mobile. The artworks are great but the game is too short
Reofloor (Livello 10) 2021-03-31
Должен сказать, это очень мило.
Ischenderun (Livello 8) 2021-03-25
fun demo with cute drawings. The cartoon atmosphere is very heartfelt and pleasant. A few bugs to fix but in the end a nice game
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