Play It got Paul! and now ...

It got Paul! and now ...

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#LDJAM, Play as a hungry shape-shifting flesh eating blob-monster thing. Find and eat all of the workers in a tiny sea-lab amidst a foreboding storm. Don't be seen while shape-shifting or eating, or the guards will find you and burn you up! Wait for them to sleep before you strike!
Controls are:
WASD - movement
Spacebar - Eat
1-0 - shape-shift into one of your victims
Lingua: English  
It got Paul! and now ...
It got Paul! and now ...
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RedLine (Livello 9) 2016-08-16
but... how i can play it ? i go out of the room... but there's always the guys with the fire... i can't escape...
Jonathan Fish (Livello 16) 2016-08-14
nice game ! I'm downloading it ! Coming soon my review ! :D
fats (Livello 12) 2016-05-19
it looks like very itneresting...
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