Green Slaughter

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An hacker spotted a big conspiracy, but he is alone, so he can't do anything to save the world.
He can't call neither the police nor the army, he needs an outsider. Somebody who knows how to fight and has nothing to lose. Prepare your weapons and Kill dozens and dozens of monsters! #action #shooter
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Green Slaughter
Green Slaughter
Green Slaughter
Green Slaughter
Green Slaughter
Green Slaughter
Commenti (5)
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Brim (Livello 11) 2020-01-01
I don't like it so much
Kaen999 (Livello 19) 2019-12-07
I have a request: Please, put a link do download the game, if possible
maxiao (Livello 3) 2019-10-15
Enjoyable game, a little bit too hard...
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