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For the FSM sake, why there's a flying chest out there?! It's a chest! And it fly around! Push the flying chest and catch all coins online with your friends. No registration required, you can pick a username and a password as you like. Brought to you by Ridiculous Glitch, aka zkiss and gydey. Theme music by Origami Repetika. Enjoy! #LDJAM
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-14

It looks interesting!

ridiculousglitc (111 Gemme) 2016-04-24

HTML5 game made in linux with MelonJS, BrashMonkey Spriter, Tiled, The Gimp, Krita, Audacity.

Marius (3478 Gemme) 2016-04-24

is it an HTML5 game?

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