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Draconians Nexus

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Inspiring by Advanced D&D - Draconians Nexus is a basic rpg video game. Use your mind before your fingers, half-elven ! Controls are explained in the credit-intro splashes. Complete this demo will take at most half an hour of your time. ready - think - go !
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Hi players! You can take a look at the instruction article here: It is in the italian language, as soon as I am able to, I will translate it in english. Now stop talking, PLAY THE GAME !
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Draconians Nexus
Draconians Nexus
Draconians Nexus
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Han (392 Gemme) 2019-09-04

I want to suggest you to post this link and this game on, you can find new players

Draconians Nexus
Draconians Nexus
Draconians Nexus
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