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Pc white Windows phone white Scarica
CONTROLS: WASD to move & Arrow Keys to shoot, 1-4 keys to shapeshift. If you think you can defeat him, become Bun and fuze with his buddies: Dragon, Tiger, and Shark to defeat M.E. #LDJAM
Lingua: English  
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WolfCorp Profile (Livello 5) 2018-07-29
The shark one is genuinely better than the other characters. You should add a few more effects (or just sounds) when you are hit, so people can actually notice when they lose health.
Jonathan Fish (Livello 16) 2016-08-14
only one stage passed. then it becames too hard D:
Malian (Livello 8) 2016-07-15
too hard ! i made only one level D:
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