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Swift Kaleido!

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Swift Kaleido! is a fast and intuitive platformer that won't hold your hand; with level design so precisely crafted that you'll end up learning as you play.
This is a Testbuild for Swift Kaleido, not the final product!
Lingua: English   Svenska   Nederlands   Bahasa Indonesia   Francais   Deutsch   Italiano   한국어   Espanol   日本語   Polski   中文 (简体)   Русский   Portugues  
Novità: 91
Still waiting for updates for Swift Kaleido? Do not fret; check out my new game while you wait!
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Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
Swift Kaleido!
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galaga (Livello 10) 2020-05-21
When a new game by @Theihe ?
Whatif (Livello 11) 2019-04-21
Still a demo?
RalphW (Livello 8) 2018-12-06
are you still improving it? wow. this means to love own projects! Good game!
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