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Bigger Than Me

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Dead Pixel Games

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Pubblicato il: 25/08/2022

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Point & click (mis)adventure about Max, a young man full of uncertainties with a peculiar problem: he becomes giant everytime he hears the word 'FUTURE'. Puzzles, minigames and existential crises spiced up with humor in a story about growing up in a world that seems to be ending.
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Bigger Than Me
Bigger Than Me
Bigger Than Me
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Deneris (Livello 16) 2023-01-25
Are you working on a new game?
RealTidus (Livello 12) 2022-12-29
are you working on a new charapter for this game? I played this first demo. Incredible work. I love all the nostalgia things and how it is developed. But it is short. I want more about it!
BirdBunch (Livello 5) 2022-12-25
Point and click adventure is a lost art. This has so much charm. Only thing I would want is to have the text appear together with the text box. After playing for a while, waiting for the text box to spawn before reading gets a little draining, cuz I really want to read the text!
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