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Test your piloting skills, experience the feeling of flying highly detailed hang gliders in unique conditions.
Aviano is an exploration game from other worlds, where the player plays an archaeologist who wants to solve a mystery! And it will take him to fly with his hang glider in other ways, challenging your pilot skills until the end of each level.
Lingua: Italiano   English   Espanol   Francais  
Novità: 3
from May 3rd we are in release on steam!
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Gale Nuovo (Livello 5) 2021-09-03
I was thinking that it was a simulator, but not. it is an exploration game. very interesting. It is very hard to play and you need a very good PC to play it. The landscapes are great.
Paul (Livello 6) 2021-08-30
Had much fun while playing your game. The cave flight is really tough
YouTube Gameplay
MikeyBlighe (Livello 6) 2021-06-21
I love the concept of this, and what we have so far plays pretty smoothly (albeit with a few little bumps along the way). Got to say though, as soon as I hit the first stage with snow on the ground I was completely hopeless! I understand that the demo hops around a little bit, but I feel like there could be some tweaks done when it comes to controlling the glider.
Do love this so far though, excited to see more!
YouTube Gameplay
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