Aurora Dusk

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Aurora Dusk looks like a lot of games but instead of being alone, you live in a community. You play a single villager and evolve in a dynamic world. - Create and improve your character in a fantasy world. - Develop your village through 5 ages from prehistoric age to Renaissance. - Plant and collect many resources: wood, iron, wheat, wool, meat…
Aurora Dusk
Aurora Dusk
Aurora Dusk
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-15

too confusing....

kerringer (75 Gemme) 2015-10-25

Graphics of the ground will be improved in the next version :

Gatsu87 (2507 Gemme) 2015-10-25

The gameplay is very nice! And you can improve the game because the graphics of the ground... it's... very ugly ! The objects and characters are made very well (they have a "toon-style" and are cute) but the ground it's so poor and empy and haven't a "toon-style". Change it (if can be possible). It can be a very cute and nice game !!

Aurora Dusk
Aurora Dusk
Aurora Dusk
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