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Dala Bois

317 بازیکن ها - 12 دنبال کننده ها دنبال کننده ها
Winner of the #LBSJam October 28th 2016!
Play local co-op with a friend as you collect horses and avoid the traps during a hecting one min adventure!
Join my Discord and see how I develop my games!
زبان: English  
اخبار: 11
I created a small game with some friends over the span of 4 days! Check it out here:
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Dala Bois
Dala Bois
Dala Bois
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Karma (مرحله 13) 2017-03-09
I don't like this kind of game.... I prefer CMYK... You are good to make platform/puzzle games!
MozRegit (مرحله 9) 2016-11-16
a good start !
Stre93 (مرحله 13) 2016-11-03
nice to play with a friend !
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