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S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism

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Stain This Planet With Cosmic Prism is a game made by myself and Mieeh (! ___ ___
Do share your thoughts and make sure to rate our game!
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Programmig: Mieeh __
Art & Sound: Theihe
Approx. time 40 hours.
زبان: English  
اخبار: 11
I created a small game with some friends over the span of 4 days! Check it out here:
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S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism
نظر 14
Formatting Help 380
gamefive تأیید شده (مرحله 15) 2020-07-16
The game is too hard. It's hard to tell the difference between green and blue. I'd like to change the color and fix the attack on the enemy a little bit.
MagicOz (مرحله 10) 2017-07-31
The difficulty grows up very quickly...too quickly! It can be nice also to play this game using two players!
jhonatantp (مرحله 4) 2017-06-19
legalzinho rsrsr parabe
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