Nightkeep, RPG platformer

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Nightkeep is a 2D metroidvania-like platformer with RPG elements set in a fictional medieval fantasy world, accompanied by an original story.
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Nightkeep, RPG platformer
Nightkeep, RPG platformer
Nightkeep, RPG platformer
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Emin98 (مرحله 2) 2020-11-14
I think I will play this game a lot, I love metroidvania and this seems to be done very well :D
Angry Squirrels (مرحله 10) 2019-05-25
loved the demo looking forward to see more of it !
Guardian of Irael (مرحله 8) 2018-10-18
Hey, PixelABCD! It's nice to see you here on the Indiexpo with your lovely project! ^ ^
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