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Temple Plunder

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Publicado el: 2016/08/30



#LDJAMTop down adventure game, loot the temple as much as possible within 5 mins. Your bag will get full up so drop of your goods at the cart!Collect the keys to open the treasure room door and get the prized red orb!WASD - Move E - Drop/ pickup bag Click to pickup loot Space to jumpwebplayer has lighting issues.Music by - UI from - http://ope
Lenguaje: English  
Temple Plunder
Temple Plunder
Temple Plunder
Comentarios (2)
Ayuda de formato 380
Ura (Nivel 8) 2016-09-27
can you add a gameplay about it ?
Feih (Nivel 7) 2016-09-01
great ! Cool work !
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