Hero Express

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Hero Express is a crazy 2D driving game. But unlike other games the player doesn't have to get to the end line first, but has to get there ALIVE. 11 crazy tracks with as many different vehicles will challenge your driving skills. Do you have what it takes to save the world? #arcade #console
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Big news! Hero Express is coming soon. It will be launched on June 25th on Xbox One. Are you ready to save the world?
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Hero Express
Hero Express
Hero Express
Comentarios (4)
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franco999 (4302 Gemas) 2019-06-19

The pixel art is incredibly cool and professional!

TMD Studios Profile (189 Gemas) 2019-06-11

Looks great :)

notapixelstudio Profile (108 Gemas) 2019-06-11

Ciao, The game looks very polished. I am impressed. I did try with my macOS, but, unfortunately I cannot go past the first selection (I cannot select a stage, neither can move around the selection screen with the map). Is the demo working ?

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