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Kelin's Delivery: Rain

772 Players - 20 Subscribers
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Published on: 2017/05/20



Kelin has a job to deliver a package to her client. However, rain comes and Kelin has to stay in an unused old house because the path to cave is blocked. She is also hungry. Help Kelin find food and something to rid the cave block in the old house with adventure gameplay mechanic! Control: Z: Examine, Action; X: Inventory, Cancel; Enter: Pause menu. #Adventure #Rain
Language: English  
Kelin's Delivery: Rain
Kelin's Delivery: Rain
Kelin's Delivery: Rain
Kelin's Delivery: Rain
Comments (12)
Formatting Help 380
Staff (Level 13) 2017-12-21
We added PICO-8 to the Engines List and edited your game page changing from Other to PICO-8. So the devs and you can find and discover other games made with it! :)
Magnus C (Level 9) 2017-10-11
I hope to play also other games made by you soon!
RealTidus (Level 11) 2017-09-10
Cute and nice! When will you publish your new game?
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