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Place of Power

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日发布: 2016年08月30日



#LDJAM In the Relic forests, people are used to finding outlandish garbage - the legacy of past centuries. One day, people from nearby villages start to spread the rumour that an eccentric man has moved to the old manor near the mountain, and that he's ready to pay gold for the iron debris of old titans.
语言: English  
Place of Power
Place of Power
Place of Power
Place of Power
Place of Power
Place of Power
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Boruto (等级 6) 2019-02-09
why only flash T_T
Voldre (等级 6) 2018-10-18
this is a goodgame, but the end are not enought.
Magnus C (等级 10) 2017-10-12
can you turn it in html5?
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