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Pikuniku Battle

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Eat and fight the bug invasion in this unique local multiplayer action puzzle!
Big Bug and his army have invaded the Pikuniku Kingdom and only you can get rid of those pesky bugs! Play Story mode, Forever Alone mode and the Local Versus Multiplayer mode with your friends. Enjoy this new action puzzle with mechanics like never before. awesome gameplay and beautiful pixel art.
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Pikuniku Battle
Pikuniku Battle
Pikuniku Battle
Pikuniku Battle
Pikuniku Battle
Pikuniku Battle
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Fry2 (等级 12) 2018-03-11
Can you add the indiepad also in the main menu?
Luis (等级 17) 2018-01-23
opening the game, is not so easy to play it. I don't undestand how it works
Fellowplayer (等级 22) 2018-01-03
Dude is that like Bombjack?
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