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日发布: 2016/07/03



My goal is to make a nice and simple puzzle game. (It's inspired by the game "Abalone") I choose not to implement points or timer to avoid the arcade mechanics. Each stage is a puzzle in which you have to drag a green cube to a green platform. That demo contain 20 puzzles, 2 bonus stages and 1 challenge. Use the mouse to play.
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Here comes the new version ! There is now 20 puzzles and extra stages. I improved the general look and UI.
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Step (1481 寶石) 2016-09-24

I don't know... the idea is nice. and the puzzles are good... but the design... :/ it's not so attractive...

cema12 (1031 寶石) 2016-09-22

Try to use simple colors. Also for a background. See games like candy crush, ruzzle or other casual games ! The backgrounds used have no sense...

Cimpo (594 寶石) 2016-09-18

IMHO the puzzle system is nice... the problem is the design and the graphics..

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