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Published on: 08/27/2019



Keychain is a short game made by Ivan Zanotti & fran43 for GMTK Game Jam 2019.
Open this page's long description for CONTROLS list!
Wika: Italiano  
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Gesan (Antas 11) 2022-04-25
I think that the best side of this game that creates a real horror atmosphere is the colour palette. It is perfect! Started to play few minutes ago and it is a very good game
Decelo (Antas 11) 2021-10-01
Just completed. Did you add multiple endings? The pixel art is very good. Sometimes I found it very easy to play. The horror part is good, but not so jumpscared. A good game.
baskerville (Antas 3) 2020-10-25
Very enjoyable!
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