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"Angelic Saviors 1"

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A mysterious curse developed over the Kindness Planet and has caused several sicknesses. One victim, Freya's young sister, Luna, was affected, but this was just part of a plot to try to get rid of her. Will Freya be able to save her young sister, or will both of them be wiped from existence?
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Hi everyone, I forgot that I put the game here. Since the last update, I added a lot of stuff. I also have a new website
"Angelic Saviors 1"
"Angelic Saviors 1"
"Angelic Saviors 1"
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Agent44 (เลเวล 13) 2021-06-25
not so good as game
PainGames (เลเวล 8) 2018-07-10
Amir (เลเวล 13) 2017-04-14
Can you add other screenshots?
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