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Sad But Ded

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Sad But Ded - it's a free puzzle-platformer, whose main feature is limited number of available player actions per level. In addition, each level has different mechanics, which make difficult run much more :)
#platformer #puzzle
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Hi folks! I've added an android version of the game and I highly recommend to play on this version, because firstly I thought of sensor control for game. Thanks!
Sad But Ded
Sad But Ded
Sad But Ded
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LesGrossman (เลเวล 12) 2020-07-30
Not responsive :(
the ugly truth (เลเวล 11) 2020-07-27
Nice. Easy controls and good design
Marco Sacchetti (เลเวล 14) 2020-07-20
È difficile riuscire a finirlo rapidamente, ma lo stile è fantastico
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