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ARPG-customize the avatar

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#tutorial The "customize the avatar" (this module is not built on "basic elements", so it's simply to recycle).
A little note: this is only an interface, you need to use some server-side software to save the players choices (eg. ImageMagik to merge the spritesheets and to apply a color filter).
Credits for the used graphis, as usual, are in the script's comments.
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ARPG-customize the avatar
ARPG-customize the avatar
ARPG-customize the avatar
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DiegoGramicciol ยืนยันแล้ว (เลเวล 18) 2022-09-11
Not bad, is very useful!
Theihe (เลเวล 14) 2017-02-02
Tried to play it on mobile. All I got was the promt to turn my phone to the side, but after doing so the game still didn't continue
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