Path of Shadows

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Publicado em: 2021/11/26



A mysterious goddess locked in a guarded temple.
A strange warrior back from the dead.
A dangerous journey full of blood and secrets.
Path of Shadows is a 3rd person #stealth game where you control a reborn #assassin capable of manipulating the shadows. The player can blink between the scenario shadows, and create new shadows when there are none.
Idioma: English  
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Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows
Path of Shadows
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Best IndieGames (Nível 18) 2022-01-10
This game is in the video about the Top 2 Indie Games of November 2021

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Tails_Strife Validada (Nível 15) 2021-11-28
totally identic to Aragami
Fellowplayer (Nível 23) 2021-11-28
Just noticed this, looks good I will give it a try.
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